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JUNE 8th, 2024

11am - 4pm

A Walkable Gallery of Art on the
Porches of Historic Ocean Grove

Exhibiting 80 Local Artists

Rain Date June 9th

 2024 Logo Art by Kelly Duane

Our Mission

Art On The Porch is a free, town-wide, walkable gallery of visual art by local artists, utilizing Ocean Grove’s charmed front porches as the gallery walls. 


Art on the Porch is a grassroots effort by resident artists and art enthusiasts motivated to showcase and promote a community of fine artists while highlighting the beauty of Ocean Grove's historic neighborhoods.

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

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Self-Guided Walkable Gallery of ART

Use this map to find Art on the Porch Exhibits throughout Ocean Grove!

Printed maps will be available at two locations on event day:

REMAX/Gateway 45 Main Ave - OG 

The Great American Porch Co. 62 Main Ave - OG

Drop by and pick one up or you can print your own below:

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Art on the Porch 2023 Recap Video

Art on the Porch Artists & Their Porch Location

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Evan Zodl


99 1/2 Stockton Avenue

Origami and Photography

Evan has been folding paper and designing his own unique models for over 15 years. In that time, he has also taught origami to millions of people around the globe through his "EZ Origami" YouTube channel. In addition to his original origami designs, Evan will be exhibiting his Surf Photography prints which are available in a variety of sizes on paper, glass, and metals.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Jackie Massa & Christopher English


95 Stockton Avenue

Fiber: Wearable Art

Starting in Turkey, Jackie and Christopher have explored the fascinating, strange, and frustrating world of felt and silk. From raw materials they dye, paint and Eco print, to make hats, dresses, coats, shawls and wraps to size that explore Boho, geometrics, and sacred images.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Tom Parr


67 Stockton Avenue

Porch Host: Cynthia Solar

Painting: Oil, Mixed Media

Tom likes Edward Hopper and has always loved and taken inspiration from Maxfield Parrish’s skies. There is something to the juxtaposition between the detailed skies and the simple man-made forms in the lower thirds of many of the works that he really loves. Tom paints in oils and as often as possible. During the pandemic Tom spent much of that time at Gateway National Park at Sandy Hook NJ. He became fascinated with the ancient, abandoned officers’ quarters that quietly face Sandy Hook Bay; the calming and poetic nature of the stoic yellow homes lined up like sculptures against and un-interrupted foreground and background. He has also painted other monuments on the Jersey Shore. 

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Mary Laudise


55 Stockton Avenue


Mary likes to capture the essence of our local towns with her photography on metal. Having spent time in Europe nowhere near the beach, her passion for beach living grew - as did her passion for photography.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Ninetta Nappi


56 Franklin Avenue

Porch Host: Mary Laudise

Painting: Watercolor

Ninetta creates watercolors from subject matter painted from plein aire; whether it be Venice, Italy, large floral still life, or autumn scenes of Tom's River "at the stream", each piece is painted impressionistically transcending that one moment in time of romantic beauty.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Michelle Renee Bernard


66 Franklin Avenue

Painting & Illustrations: Mixed Media

Michelle's mixed media paintings bring vintage themes and iconography into a quirky modern narrative, using untamed layers and a sticky sweet color palette. Michelle's style was influenced by her career in graphic design and inspired by her childhood memories of the boardwalk, her fondness for local landmarks, old carnival rides, vintage games and toys, roadside Americana, as well as street art and tattoos.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

MaryLou Shipman


125 1/2 Franklin Avenue

Painting: Watercolor

MaryLou is a watercolor artist. She also creates small, repurposed art pieces with clay, jars and chalk paint and refinished small pieces of furniture.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Donna Bruton


114 Clark Avenue

Porch Host: John Gentile

Painting: Watercolor

Fun and whimsical flora and fauna. Donna is inspired by nature and personality alike. All her work is original watercolor, framed and unframed. Notecards printed from original work are also available. After retiring from the beauty Industry, watercolor became her passion and creative outlet. Commission works available upon request.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Susan Kauffman


117 Clark Avenue

Porch Host: Candy & Art James

Painting: Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, Susan creates art utilizing varied media including acrylics, watercolors, and handmade papers to capture the individual nature of the subject chosen. Animals, flowers, landscapes, and buildings with character are her favored subjects. Her hope is to make the viewer smile.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Melanie Rose Rothwell (Gargano)


110 Clark Avenue

Porch Host: Carlos Garcia & Michael Ancharski

Photography, Mixed Media

Dive into the surreal world of MDAX, where surreal dreamscapes, oceans capes, and fantastical creatures come to life in mesmerizing mixed-media creations. Melanie Rose Rothwell (Gargano), AKA MDAX, is an artist and an award-winning advertising creative director. Her unique style seamlessly blends digital painting, photography, and generative design to push the boundaries of what is possible in digital art. With recent exhibitions at prestigious events like the New York Art Expo, MDAX invites art lovers to take a unique journey into the depths of imagination with her captivating artworks.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Eileen Kornbluh & Cindy Joyce


83 Clark Avenue

Porch Host: Colleen & Greg Meyer


Together Eileen & Cindy create one of a kind, unique ceramic art pieces to add color, interest, and beauty to a garden or outdoor space. Using many colors and textures, they assemble beaded totems, mushrooms on live birch stakes, and garden gnomes. Their goal is to provide a Zen atmosphere, where you can take a moment, sit, and relax, and smile in your outdoor space.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Robbin Tick


83 Clark Avenue

Porch Host: Colleen & Greg Meyer

Painting: Acrylic

As an artist, you inspire change, make people feel certain ways that they have never felt before, and can also beautify our world. Robbin's artwork focuses on abstract paintings. Inspiration comes from the world around her, colorful geometric shapes of NYC, nature, and the Jersey Shore beaches. She works with acrylic paints along with alcohol ink of all colors, on canvas and boards, finished with varnish or Art Resin. She will paint with a brush but also her hands, a mop and any household items that enhance her work! She has fun with her art and loves to listen to music while working; Bon Jovi, Springsteen Taylor Swift, and music from the 80's and 90's.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Kim Kushmerick


74 Clark Avenue


Kim creates sculptural and functional pottery that can be utilized in everyday life.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Julia Kushmerick


74 Clark Avenue


Julia creates Stain Glass pieces suitable for hanging to reflect the daily light.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Emily Kushmerick


74 Clark Avenue

Painting: all mediums

Emily is a visual artist who loves to experiment with new styles and mediums for the love of creation and expression

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Stephanie Boffice


67 Clark Avenue

Porch Host: Jeannine Dresch & Ellen Albrect

Painting: Watercolor, Pastel & Ink

Stephanie's work is in celebration of nature, taking its energy and interpreting and coaxing its essence onto paper. It is her play and meditation practice to place light and color onto matter.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Jen McCarthy


107 Pilgrim Pathway

Porch Host: Rhonda Einhorn

Painting: Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media

Jen offers nature inspired, intuitive paintings; from large abstracts to miniature creations - including Pet Portraits!

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Julia Rivera


107 Pilgrim Pathway

Porch Host: Rohnda Einhorn

Painting, Sculpture

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world"

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Joe Borzotta


66 Cookman Avenue

Porch Host: Katy & Randy Roessle

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Encaustic

Joe has two bodies of work; one is offbeat compositions with the figure; real, surreal, with pop elements. The other is still life; old signs, birds, iceboxes, etc.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Judy Alberta


69 Cookman Avenue

Painting: Acrylic, Mixed Media, Wood Sculpure

Judy is inspired by the magical glitter globe that is Ocean Grove. She personally creates each item using wood, clay and/or paint. Every item is unique! Her artwork features images of Ocean Grove Tents, Victorian architecture, beach scenes and her love for mermaids.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Vicki Gershwin


71 Broadway

Painting: Acrylic

Vicki is inspired by the beauty of the Natural world. The pattern of tree limbs and foliage against the changing sky; cloud formations over the ocean; colors and shapes of objects juxtaposed against each other. “Surrounded by an ever-changing landscape that is my daily inspiration if I take the time to simply look.” Vicki creates paintings from photographs she takes on her daily walks in Ocean Grove.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Ron Burman


52 Abbott Avenue

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media

Ron creates primitive Neo Expressionist, bright and bold paintings that are informed by his daily life experiences and dreams.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Tim Aanensen


51 Abbott Avenue

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, watercolor, Encaustic & Mixed Media

Tim loves to create joyful works, especially with birds. Color abstraction, and flowing composition are his foundations.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Theresa Troise Heidel


17 Abbott Avenue

Porch Host: Kurt Cavano

Painting: Watercolor

The inspiration for Theresa's art comes mainly from the play of light and shadow on the subject matter. A unique play of light can make the plainest subject beautiful. She strives to capture such fleeting moments with watercolor. Its capricious nature lends itself to spontaneous expression with thin, luminous glazes and rich, velvety opaque passages.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Cathy Klisiewicz


37 Abbott Avenue

Porch Host: Jackie & Jim Murphy

Mosaics and Alcohol Ink

Cathy is a self-taught artist who gets great satisfaction from taking an old piece of furniture and some broken china and turning them into a piece of art. Or something as simple as an eggshell and creating a unique pair of earrings. Recently she began experimenting with alcohol ink paintings; some abstract and others stylized impressions of elements in nature.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Mia Mutascio


1 Abbott Avenue

Porch Host: Nita & Richard Williams


Mia is inspired by capturing scenes in nature, the beautiful light at daybreak or the beauty cast over the earth - even on a cloudy day. By sharing her vision, she hopes others may feel these moments and embrace their own inspiration.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Philla Barkhorn


17 Webb Avenue

Painting: Watercolor

Philla will be showing her floral and abstract watercolor pieces. She enjoys the use of color to convey a sense of beauty and excitement.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Jim Twerell


46 Webb Avenue

Porch Host: Lyndell O'Hara

Painting: Acrylic, Oil,Watercolor, Encasutic & Mixed Media

Jim paints because he doesn't have the words. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, he spent 10 years in the music industry writing scores and songs, but it was in painting that he found the words. Inspired by the meditative nature that follows Japanese art, he creates paintings that disarm and relax the viewer. Deliberately simplistic, yet emotionally complex.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Alix Baldwin


77 Pilgram Pathway

Porch Host: John & Ariana Wiley

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Mixed Media

Alix is a self-taught abstract painter. Her aim is to create bold, elevated, and impactful work to offer a moment of collectedness to the viewer. She hopes you find the message in her work to feel at peace and courageous.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Eva Krause


71-73 Webb Avenue

Porch Host: Suzy Pietras


Eva's work is abstract and experimental photography. Her goal is to bend reality as much as she can!

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Deborah Fennelly


71-73 Webb Avenue

Porch Host: Suzy Pietras

Painting: Acrylic, Watercolor

Deb's paintings are visual memories of the beauty of nature, the delights of travel, vacation, exploration, and the joy of relationships with those she meets on those journeys. Her hope is that you, the viewer, might feel the same joy and delight through her images.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Kristin Matteo


111 Embury Avenue

Porch Host: Jane Johnson


Original photographs of the local beaches and surrounding areas mounted and sealed on 4x4 inch canvases. "It’s what I see, by the sea around me."

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

JP Thompson


75 Embury Avenue

Wearable Art: Jewelry

Jewelry is adornment, wearable art that reflects our sensibilities. Each piece celebrates our connection to the earth, the source. JP collects semi-precious gems and fossilized stones then cuts, hammers, manipulates and coaxes the silver or gold to wrap each with its proper frame. The star of each piece is always the stone. These are small batch collections that are sculpted and hand-fabricated with great attention to detail.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

David Dziemian


65 Pilgrim Pathway

Porch Host: Carolyn & John Campbell

Painting: Acryllic, Oil, Watercolor

Dave's art is about the mundane and the surreal in original oils, watercolor, and acrylics as well as a variety of drawing media.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Debbi Silvestri


47 Embury Avenue

Porch Host: Nancy Clarke

Painting: Acrylic, Encaustic & Mixed Media

Debbi enjoys working in an assortment of mediums, striving always to evolve creatively. Her work ranges from ocean inspired, shell encrusted acrylics with resin overlay, seashell wave art with resin - including ocean wave ornamental pieces, hand painted word art on canvas, encaustic wax art, 3D alcohol Ink designs on wood, and cradle boards with resin overlay. She is currently embarking on a new study of design in encaustic and resin.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Steve Miller


51 Beach Avenue


At its most basic level, photography is about light, shadow, subject and composition. It's the photographer's job to bring these elements together to preserve a moment in time, and when successful, draw the viewer into the captured image. Photographers don’t start with a blank canvas. We’re observers. We view a scene and wait for the elements to align. Most of the time we fail. But when we succeed, it makes all those misfires seem irrelevant. They say it’s all about the journey, not the destination and I couldn’t agree more.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Rosie Rounds


97 Heck Avenue

Porch Host: Joyce & Mike Adace

Wearable Art: Jewelry

Rosie got hooked on making jewelry at the 92nd St Y in NYC over 20 years ago. She was drawn into enameling early on and fell in love with all the beautiful colors and the technique used in creating enamel pieces. She is influenced by nature, colors, shapes, humor and fun. During the pandemic Rosie did not have access to an enameling studio and began obsessively creating her work with polymer clay, again seduced by the color and form.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Robin E. Dabler


100 Heck Avenue

Painting: Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media. Fiber: Wearable Art

Art has always played a big role in Robin's life. In the 90's she started her own decorative painting business, creating faux finishes; suede, venetian plaster, glazing, metal finishes, marbling, and murals for commissioned work. Currently Mixed Media, Collage, Watercolor and Embroidery are among her favorite mediums. Her art reflects her journey which is bold, bright, and full of beauty and love.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Diane Reh


102 Heck Avenue

Porch Host: Kathleen Zebrowski & Michael McGraw

Mixed Media

Diane never thought she could be an artist because she can't draw. About 15 years ago she attended a collage workshop taught by Alexandra Sheldon at an art camp for grownups called Snow Farm in Northampton, Mass. She found her medium there! She enjoys working with paper and glue and likes putting images, colors, and textures together to make something new; something perhaps unexpected. About 10 years ago she took a card making class in Ocean Grove taught by Robin Dabler (another artist in AOTP '24). Robin introduced her to Ocean Grove, and she returns here regularly now. Her work is shown regularly at Odyssey Coffee Shop!

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Cyn Mcmanmon


119 Mt Hermon Way

Painting: Encaustic

Cyn has been enjoying the encaustic medium recently and gravitates toward a dream like landscape where one can flow in and out of different textures and shapes.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Paul Goldfinger


113 Mt Hermon Way


"There has been a recent digital explosion in photography, and I participate to some extent. But I keep my attention focused on my work and methods of the master’s from the last two centuries". Paul is a seasoned photographer and photojournalist. His older images are black and white dark room prints. His newer works are digital and displayed online on his blog and are presented in a unique multimedia format or in the "photo gallery" in gallery style.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Allie Hall Westerside


105 Mt Hermon Way

Porch Host: Joyce Klein


Allie is an animal lover, potter and public school pottery teacher. She has enjoyed making, selling and teaching pottery professionally since receiving her BFA in ceramics from UMASS Dartmouth in 1998. All pottery is wheel thrown on my potter's wheel with stoneware clay, and painted with underglaze, fired and glazed, refired to cone 6 in her electric kiln.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Fran Noll


73 Mt Hermon Way

Painting: Watercolor, Mixed Media

Fran brings her adventuresome spirit to her art. She loves experimenting with all forms of art! Watercolor, mixed media, print and sea glass pictures. Each different medium enables her to express her passion for creativity.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Annette Juliano


28 Pitman Avenue

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, and mixed media

Annette loves painting people, landscape, still life, or whatever is screaming for her to paint in the moment!

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Janis Bonavito


14 Pitman Avenue

Porch Host: Madeline Hoffer

Painting: Oil, Watercolor, Pen, Pastels

Janis is an emerging artist who loves to work in mixed media. She enjoys working in pastel, oil, and ink with watercolor wash. She is inspired by doing city, land, and seascapes; capturing the beauty in all of them. Her style never has a straight edge, it’s all done freehand.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Harriet Ellner


14 Pitman Avenue

Porch Host: Madeline Hoffer

Painting: Watercolor, Mixed Media

Harriet loves layers and images peeking through or partially covered up by another image, letting the visual unfold into a story. Recently one of Harriet’s watercolor paintings blew off her porch and was discovered by a neighbor months later… at first it seemed familiar, yet she was not certain it was hers. It was warped, wet, and dirty and parts of it in tiny pieces’; a mystery at first glance. Like some crazy puzzle she had been collaging weather worn pieces of her work into a new story. In the same way that she discovers patterns from broken and worn shells, feathers, broken beach toys, mixed foot/paw prints as she walks the beach inspired. Harriet is a licensed certified creative Art Therapist.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Michael Andrew Carrigan


13 Pitman Avenue

Porch Host: Sue & Greg Lotz

Painting: Mixed Media, Charcoal

Michael is a trained artist whose work focuses on Portraiture, using watercolor, ink, pastel, and mixed media, but mainly charcoal. He enjoys sketching cartoon portraits highlighting the subject’s best feature in a playful manner. Note: MAC will be drawing portraits LIVE throughout the day... maybe yours?

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Heather Bennett


68 Mt Tabor Way

Photography, Painting, Acrylic, Charcoal, Pencil, Pastels, Collage & Mixed Media, Sculpture, Wearable Art

Heather enjoys exploring different mediums and finding new ways to express herself. Her art contains images of animals and nature. She hopes her art gives people a feeling of deep calm and inner strength.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Donna Emrich Gioello


98 Mt Tabor Way

Porch Host: Felicia & Andy Levine

Painting: Watercolor

A self-described amateur photographer, Donna finds inspiration for her painting from the photos she takes. The simple beauty of nature and her travels to interesting places, both near and far, are revisited in her watercolor paintings.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

MaryBeth Kosciow


100 Mt Tabor Way

Porch Host: Felicia & Andy Levine


A long-time jewelry designer, Mary Beth found a new calling in weaving. She uses various fibres woven by hand on a wooden loom. All pieces hang on driftwood from our local beaches. She incorporates elements of nature, such as seashells, vintage chandelier crystals, buttons, and other elements. She loves working with fibres in all colors and textures. Mary Beth has recently added smaller weavings on canvas as well.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Michael White


102 Mt Carmel Way

Porch Host: Ginger Monarch

Painting: Watercolor and Ink

Michael makes ink and watercolor paintings of architectural structures, usually bridges under construction or abandoned buildings. He is drawn to subjects with dramatic parallelism, perspective, and detail. He aims to bring out the poetic life within each structure, beyond its function. A bridge can be like a dream, a forgotten temple, heroic or tragic.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Angelina Penev


138 Mt Hermon Way

Porch Host: Shane Martins

Painting: Oil and Pastel

Angelina is an award winning artist who loves to capture the essence of the beauty around her; to capture a beautiful moment that will live forever; to engage others by touching their emotions; to share unique visions of her perspectives caught in pastels and oil.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Plemen Penev


138 Mt Tabor Way

Porch Host: Shane Martins

Painting: Oil and Pastel

Plamen is fascinated by the light we live in and tries to capture the light in pastels and oils. He and his wife travel and paint together to capture the beauty around them.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

James Rokosny


132 Lake Avenue


James is a longtime Ocean Grove resident. His photographs feature Ocean Grove sunrises, beach crosses and Wesley Lake.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Carol Kaplan


125 Mt Tabor Way


Ocean Grove is a town of contrasts: from bustling summers to quiet waters. Carol's work is also one of the contrasts. While she is particularly drawn to the subtle hues of crowdless beaches and grays/blues of winter's ocean, she is also inspired by the vibrant gardens of spring and summer, a credit to Ocean Grove's mini gardens. Her work captures the various facets of Ocean Grove life.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Lisa Festa


123 Mt Tabor Way

Porch Host: Bob Ellis

Mixed Media

Lisa is a multi-dimensional artist who plays across mediums. Fabric, paint and found nature objects weave together stories of self-love and oneness with the earth. Organic shapes and playful colors offer a sense of ease and innocence. Her work is a feeling journey through soft textures and round shapes. Play and process are her guide. The fluidity of Lisa's work reflects our shared supple nature to meet life with an open heart.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Tom Biradi


123 Mt Tabor Way

Porch Host: Bob Ellis


Tom explores with his camera to find the beautiful and odd in New Jersey. He turns the places and nature sujects into coasters and wood photos.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

David Fobair


93 Mt Carmel Way

Painting: Acrylic

David has a long history with art as an art lover and collector. He has returned to his artistic roots as a contemporary painter. His recent works, which are mostly abstract, feature vivid colors and shapes, sometimes inspired by street art, graffiti, landscapes and nature. David's work always follows positive feelings and hopes to elicit them as well.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Carla Valentino


93 Mt Carmel Way

Porch Host: David Fobair

Painting: Mixed Media

Carla Valentino is a New Jersey Shore area mixed media artist and art educator. Originally a painter, her work now incorporates a variety of media including paper, ink, graphite, acrylics as well as recycled materials such as cardboard and plastic and found objects. She is primarily influenced by nature, the beach and ocean in particular, the passage of time, moon phases and her own personal history. Carla has taught high school art for 24 years and also teaches adult mixed media classes. Art is her everything.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Jennifer Kirsh


27 New York Avenue

Porch Host: Denise D'Alberti

Mosaics, Wearable Art

Jennifer's journey with art began with collecting sea glass and creating wire-wrapped pieces into pendants to raise funds for a local horse rescue. Wanting a more artistic expression, so she enrolled in metal smithing classes and discovered the Japanese art of metal clay which while wet can be shaped and molded, and after drying can be refined and carved by hand. Working in pure, fine silver, Jennifer seeks to capture the beauty of the ocean and coastal life in wearable art.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Mary Ellen Doyle


90 Mt Zion Way

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Mixed Media

Mary Ellen's work draws from life, photographs and memories of people, places, and things that spark her emotions and stir her creativity. She tries to bring out something that she sees within the subject matter, whether it be color, shape, movement or the ever popular undefined. "Pushing the paint around brings me joy as I try to capture the story of the object, and angst as I try to work more freely then my brush takes me. The struggle is real".

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Kelan Doyle


90 Mt Zion Way

Porch Host: Mary Ellen Doyle

Painting: Oil, Mixed Media

With a background in street art and graffiti, Kelan attempts to blend the world of fine art with subject matter ranging from mental health to nature, he allows his brush and gravity to create the works in his head.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Chelsea Doyle


90 Mt Zion Way

Porch Host: Mary Ellen Doyle


Chelsea captures emotions through the lens. Her moody abstract photography seeks to unravel the unseen narrative hidden within shadows and hues inviting viewers to explore the mysterious beauty that exists beyond the obvious.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Esta Singer


87 Mt Zion Way

Porch Host: Colleen & Brian Schubel


"Capturing one moment of truth one snap at a time". Esta’s photographs have been described as "painterly". Her focus is on landscape photography and nature. Her favorite season to photograph is winter; snow.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Carl Swensen


87 Mt Zion Way

Porch Host: Colleen & Brian Schubel

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Encaustic, Mixed Media

"My big day. Several years ago I was approached by the owners of a local B&B. They were looking for seaside artwork. They said they liked my work. Little did I know how much. They were looking for prints and paintings for their guest rooms. They bought seven full sized prints and one original painting; one for each room. It gave me a huge boost to continue my craft." Carl makes Impressionist paintings, seascapes, and landscapes. He also has prints.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Betsy Kaplan


81 Mt Zion Way

Mixed Media: Driftwood Mosaics

Magic happens when driftwood and mosaics collide! Betsy finds driftwood treasures along the Jersey Shore and creates unique wall pieces that radiate joy. Colored glass, beads, heartfelt symbols, and charms are placed like puzzle pieces on each work of art. Rusted wire, twisted just right, serves as a funky handle for hanging. Every driftwood mosaic has a soulful message, sure to warm your heart.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Pamela Valentine


81 Mt Zion Way

Porch Host: Betsy & Paul Kaplan

Mixed Media

Pamela plays around with whatever medium is most convenient at the moment so you'll find digital art, collage, stickers, note cards, and maybe more!

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Nick Pazinko


15 New York Avenue

Porch Host: Nan & Doug MacMorris

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media

Nick's paintings are inspired by "Beach Life" in oils and acrylics, incorporating mixed media and reclaimed materials

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Kelly Duane


15 New York Avenue

Painting: Watercolor, Mixed Media

Kelly is a Mixed Media artist inspired by patterns and colors she observes in nature, particularly the beach and floral gardens. Using watercolor, monotype gel prints and collage, she creates colorful, abstract scenes that capture the essence of these natural elements.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Melanie Wollek


85 Asbury Avenue

Porch Host: Katrina & Todd Stoner

Painting: Watercolor

Melanie loves to play with paint! She enjoys working with watercolors because they are the most challenging and unpredictable of mediums. Living by the shore provides her with a bounty of inspiration and appreciation for nature's beauty.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Laura V Hall


3 Mt Pisgah Way (TENT)

Painting: Acrylic

Laura paints ocean scenes of ships, tugboats, sailboats plus carousel horses, our OG fox, and tents. Her paintings are uniquely painted on original tent boards, Victorian-era boards, canvas, and inside clam shells, capturing summer in Ocean Grove and memories of Asbury Park.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Jean Galle


12 Mt Zion Way (TENT)

Porch Host: Gail Hutton

Painting: Watercolor, Graphite

Jean's love of flowers shows through in her botanical watercolors. Capturing the flower's personality, her work is photorealistic with an artistic flair. She paints fun leaves and fruits and veggies too! On the whimsical side, she offers magical garden paintings with butterflies, bees, and willowy plant creatures in black and white or color.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Carol Bicknell


2 Mt Zion Way (TENT)

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Encaustic and Mixed Media

Carol works intuitively, resulting in what she calls abstract impressions informed by a lifetime of visual experiences. She is drawn to the beauty of nature, the sky, weather, clouds, ocean, trees, and flowers. Carol enjoys exploring different mediums such as charcoal, watercolor, acrylics, acrylic ink, pen and ink, oil pastel, and soft pastel. She likes to work with these media separately and in combination and also experiments with different papers.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Ramona Bannayan


14 Ocean Pathway

Painting: Pastel, Drawing

Ramona begins her small square drawings from memory. Her explorations of place and time through the landscape are made to be human in scale-the width of your open hand or the space between your ears. Each piece has an atmospheric presence and a keen sense of weather with an ephemeral sky balanced against a strong horizon line using pastels, watercolor and charcoal. She is absorbed by the light of dawn and dusk and our subliminal emotions with the beginning or ending of another day.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Linda Kopp


3 Ocean Pathway

Porch Host: Mary & Dave Zuidema

Painting: Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media

Linda's pen and ink drawings depict primarily Mother Nature. Birds, trees, floral subject matter are her focus. She enjoys the creative process and hopes that those that view her work see something unique and take the message that it conveys.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Texas Hoover


9 Ocean Pathway

Porch Host: Sue & Greg Lotz


Texas Hoover is a woodworker and artist working out of Asbury Park, NJ. He makes one-of-a-kind portraits from intricately cut pieces of wood. Using wood to depict people and scenes, the beauty of the medium can shine while bringing the image to life with the grain of the wood itself.

1 Evan Zodl.jpg

Theadora Malfetti


29 Ocean Pathway

Porch Host: Maria Gagliardi


Thea paints with fire to pull out vibrant color hidden within copper. Oil painting and etching on flame art takes on new depths as the luminous copper hues glimmer through achieving endless possibilities.

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Dawn Eckman


37 Ocean Pathway

Porch Host: Colleen & Brian Schubel

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor

Dawn paints in pastels, acrylic, oil, and watercolor; portraits, houses, landscapes, florals and just about anything that inspires her!

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Sarah Cohen


11 Surf Avenue

Glass Jewelry, Mosaics

PetalVision Glass transforms flora and fauna into different designs you can wear and gift proudly. The glass necklaces and earrings are often layered with gold leaf. As a glass artist, Sarah also focuses on glass mosaic. Nature is celebrated in every piece.

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Ben Levine


17 Seaview Avenue

Stained Glass Panels

Ben's stained-glass panels depict flora, geometric and art deco designs. Colored glass panels are constructed to enhance natural light from windows and doors.

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